Know Your Vehicle’s Towing Capacity Before Towing

When it comes to towing a trailer, knowing your vehicle’s tow capacity is essential for safety reasons. Towing puts additional strain on your vehicle’s components, and some vehicles, including hybrid models, are simply not suited to towing. To ensure safety, be sure to know what each component weighs. Here are some tips to consider before you hit the road with your trailer. In addition, it’s always best to follow the manufacturer’s recommendations to avoid damaging the vehicle.

The Secret Of Know Your Vehicle\’s Towing Capacity Before Towing

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First, always make sure your tow vehicle is larger and heavier than the car you’re towing. If you are towing two vehicles, be sure the tow vehicle has the engine power and brake power to safely tow both cars. Never tow a vehicle with passengers or pets in it. If you are driving the car you’re towing, turn off the ignition. It’s important to avoid locking the steering wheel while towing. Also, turn on the parking lights in case a motorist is following behind.

Tow your vehicle, if possible, onto private property. If you’re towing two cars, make sure the tow vehicle is large enough to tow both vehicles. Be aware of your surroundings while towing. You must make sure the tow mirrors are properly mounted, clean, and adjustable to your needs. You should also activate the tow signals so other drivers know you’re towing. You may need to connect two vehicles using tow bars. You don’t want to take a sharp turn while towing a vehicle.

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