Have You Considered A Rusty Garden Art Piece In Your Garden?

If you have ever thought about having your very own rustic, or maybe country style garden, then now is the time to get started on this project. A new company has been started during lockdown because of Covid 19. Rusty Garden Art is dedicated to New Zealand’s indigenous birds and are created as unique and feature garden items for any backyard setting. These unique metal art pieces, which consist of bird figurines, bird houses, bird feeders, rocks, and other such objects, come in many different colors and finishes and can be used throughout the year. They are created to sit between the summer and spring seasons to bring forth the change in scenery and greenery.

Learn How To Start Have You Considered A Rusty Garden Art Piece In Your Garden?

rusty garden art

This great new company, started out of a small local home-based workshop, has been growing every year and is now offering a wide variety of rustic garden art items. The owner, Ray White, always searched for the perfect company to help him preserve the old tools he uses so frequently in his farming and bush work. This is why Rusty Garden Art was formed and now they offer custom made rustic garden items, which are also created by hand and finished with centuries old equipment, all made to your specifications. All hardware shops and home stores carry this company’s products.

If you have always loved the look and feel of the old tractors and equipment then taking part in a Rusty hardware shed tour is an exciting way to share this passion. What better way to get rid of that old clutter that has been collecting dust than to have it totally refurbished? Bring back that sense of excitement, and make the backyard a haven. You may even find a new friend along the way. Rusty hardware sheds are quite the conversation starter and you will meet others who share your same love for the outdoors and the old equipment they use.

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