Where is asbestos found?

Where is asbestos found? Well, asbestos is in our daily lives. It is a naturally occuring mineral, thus we may encounter the presence of asbestos in ambient air, as a soil contaminant, as a contaminant released naturally from its source in rocks, as a contaminant from mining and processing, and as a contaminant from its presence in products. It is a cheap material and has been used in over 3,000 types of products, and still are. It is used in homes, factories, office buildings, public buildings, in schools and hospitals, in home consumer products and electrical appliances, in brake pads and clutch linings of cars and automobiles, in sound, heat and fire insulation, adhesives, paints, lubricants and in medical packing, and many other places.

Asbestos is used in almost every industry from aerospace, construction, oil drilling to textiles and rubber processing mills. It is even used in filters and apparatus for cheese and wine making.

where is asbestosDespite bans and regulations that prevent further use of asbestos in most developed nations, its still a deadly legacy since most of those products still remain installed or owned in all of the areas mentioned above.

Where is asbestos found?

List of ambient sources

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List of asbestos products

To get an idea of how widespread the use of asbestos is, here is an extended list of asbestos use and asbestos products (click to read details and view pictures):

Asbestos in abrasives 
Asbestos in acoustical plaster 
Asbestos in adhesives 
Asbestos in aircraft 
Asbestos in asphalt floor tiles 
Asbestos in batteries 
Asbestos in beer 
Asbestos in boiler insulation 
Asbestos in bricks 
Asbestos in carpets 
Asbestos in cars 
Asbestos in ceramic tiles 
Asbestos in hair dryers 
Asbestos in motorcycles 
Asbestos in wine 
Asbestos in ovens 
Asbestos in ships 
Asbestos in sky lanterns 
Asbestos in toys 
Asbestos in trains 
Asbestos in welding rods 
Asbestos in wicks 
Asbestos in wine 

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