Asbestos in ships – In Every Harbour


For a number of reasons, asbestos in ships can present an increased risk of asbestos exposure. First, the use of asbestos in shipbuilding over the years has been unusually high, and has included a disproportionately large amount of blue and brown asbestos – the worst types. Second, some of the most dangerous asbestos application methods, such as spraying, have been particularly prevalent in ship construction, and these methods also increase…


Asbestos in aircraft

asbestos brakes

Asbestos in aircraft can be found in several aircraft components.  Including engine and electrical insulation, asbestos blankets, brakes, cockpit heating system, heat shields for engines, torque valves, gaskets, electrical wiring and insulation in the cargo bays. Asbestos content can be relatively high in the brakes, ranging from 16 to 23% by weight in some types. This suggests that people employed in aircraft maintenance-repair work, including brake replacement, might be at…