Asbestos in flasks – Flooding in from Asia


Did you realize there could be asbestos in flasks holding your precious coffee, when pouring it in the cups of your family members? Probably not, we assume that consumer products bought in our home nations are free of asbestos. But, just like asbestos-containing sky lanterns make their way into nations with asbestos bans, the situation is even worse with thermoses having asbestos as a component. The asbestos is usually applied…


Asbestos in Sky Lanterns

asbestos in sky lanterns

The main issue to look out for when purchasing a sky lantern is that there can be asbestos in sky lanterns. What are asbestos-containing products doing in retail stores you might ask? Well, an asbestos-contaning sky lantern on the shelf has most likely been imported from Asia, and slipped through into domestic markets. Also, asbestos in sky lanterns, cannot be detected by the standard EN71 tests because specific tests must be…


Asbestos in wicks – Ancient Danger


Asbestos wick was used for lamps and candles as far back as 4000BC, and was commonly in use until as recent as the 1970’s. You can find asbestos in wicks even today, for old oil lamps where the user might unknowingly use old asbestos wick found. Asbestos in wicks – what are the facts? Asbestos wick could previously be found in various products. It is composed of anywhere from 10 percent to 30…


Asbestos in childrens toys

asbestos in toys

Its one place you would not expect asbestos to be present, but there have been numerous reports of asbestos in childrens toys! Never heard of this? At times the statement that toys (especially crayons) could contain asbestos has been circulating the internet as a “hoax”, but it´s actually a fact. Read our entry on asbestos in childrens toys to learn more Asbestos in childrens toys was last updated March 31st,…


Asbestos in toys – Myth or Fact?

asbestos in crime scene kits

The one place you would not expect its presence, but there have been numerous reports of asbestos in toys. In 2007, 2015 and 2010, some crayons and crime scene fingerprint kits made in China and sold in the United States were by chance found to contain asbestos, a harmful mineral that can cause cancer and other deadly lung diseases in children. Twenty-eight boxes of crayons and 21 crime scene fingerprint…


Asbestos in beer – Myth or fact?

asbestos in beer

Had a few? Most likely you are not aware that there could be ASBESTOS in beer. Asbestos beer filters Filtration of beer is quite a new development, considering the 6,000 year old history of brewing. The first beer filters from the 1880s was made of paper leaves, but the next generation of beer filters, was designed to house pulp cakes which where prepared from cotton fibers mixed with asbestos. [source]…


Asbestos in wine – common contaminant


Do you like wine? As a matter of fact, you might have been drinking asbestos all along Asbestos in wine? Alcohol might be harmless in small doses, but what about drinking asbestos? All wine-producing countries use asbestos filters for clarifying wine fluids principally in order to improve their appearance, and get rid of unwanted particles that blur the fluid. Asbestos loose-filtering beds allow as much clear wine to pass through…


Asbestos batteries

asbestos batteries, asbestos battery, asbestos car battery

Asbestos batteries was widely produced in the western world, and are still produced in some nations. Raw asbestos was widely used as thermal insulation inside the battery casings, while it was also used as an ingredient in the manufacturing of the battery casings themselves. A man who died from mesothelioma, an asbestos-related cancer, was employed at a car battery production plant. Before his death, he confirmed blue asbestos being used in the…