Asbestos in Ovens – Even at the BBQ


The common notion of asbestos today is that it was once used, then found being extremely dangerous and subsequently not used anymore. This might be true in some world nations, but what about the legacy of the asbestos already installed in various components in our older homes or in installatons in the vicinity of our older homes? Asbestos has gotten the attention as being mainly a hazard for workers exposed…


Asbestos in bricks


Asbestos in bricks were used to strengthen and provide resistance to heat. Bricks are one of the primary building blocks of the construction industry. They serve several different purposes, but they must all be strong, tough and durable. One type of brick must also have another attribute – the ability to hold up under intense heat and not only be able to survive a fire but to also help to…


Asbestos in acoustical plaster

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Asbestos in acoustical plaster was exremely common in homes and businesses for two primary reasons: style and function. This plaster is sprayed on walls and ceilings. The most well known example of this is the  “popcorn ceiling“. Besides the look, it also had the benefit of absorbing sound and reducing the amount of echoes from noise generated in rooms. Acoustical plaster was previosly made with asbestos, and applied in homes and buildings…


Asbestos in abrasives

asbestos in abrasives cancer mesothelioma

Asbestos in abrasives is used in limited applications in certain types of abrasive products, due to its fine structure and its heat resistant characteristics. Examples include: Grinding wheels Asbestos gets into the air as an asbestos-containing grinding wheel is used, and any time you unbutton a grinding machine to maintain or repair it. This airborne asbestos then poses a threat to your health because you might inhale or swallow it. If it gets inside you…


Asbestos in adhesives – Vicious glue

asbestos adhesive, cancer, mastic, glue

Asbestos in adhesives was commonly used to help bond carpet, flooring and ceiling tiles in buildings built prior to the 1980s. Asbestos in adhesives was also used to patch and seal joints on boilers and pipes. Asbestos was used in these products because it created a strong bond to a variety of surfaces that could withstand extreme heat and even fire. It can be found in houses, schools, commercial buildings,…