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Asbestos in old hair dryers

Asbestos has been introduced into various goods used by the public. One example is the hand held hair drier, which has been described as a “small asbestos spray gun“. Without knowing there can be asbestos in old hair dryers, most people have used a hair dryer, at least once or twice. While asbestos is no longer added to modern hair dryers, you will certainly find it in older models produced…

asbestos in toys

Asbestos in childrens toys

Its one place you would not expect asbestos to be present, but there have been numerous reports of asbestos in childrens toys! Never heard of this? At times the statement that toys (especially crayons) could contain asbestos has been circulating the internet as a “hoax”, but it´s actually a fact. Read our entry on asbestos in childrens toys to learn more Asbestos in childrens toys was last updated March 31st,…

asbestos in carpets

Asbestos in Carpet Underlay

Can there be asbestos in carpet underlay? Yes, it has been found that some fibrous backing of certain kinds of carpets contain asbestos. Also, the adhesive/glue used for the carpet often contain asbestos. The carpet fabric is also a natural stash of dust mites and particles that get stuck easiely in the fabric, including asbestos fibers. You might want to think twice when planning to dust or shake your old…


Asbestos in your beer

Had a few? Most likely you are not aware that there could be ASBESTOS in beer! Asbestos beer filters Filtration of beer is quite a new development, considering the 6,000 year old history of brewing. The first beer filters from the 1880s was made of paper leaves, but the next generation of beer filters, was designed to house pulp cakes which where prepared from cotton fibers mixed with asbestos. [source]…


Asbestos in your wine

Do you like wine? As a matter of fact, you might have been drinking ASBESTOS all along ASBESTOS in your wine? Alcohol might be harmless in small doses, but what about drinking asbestos? All wine-producing countries use asbestos filters for clarifying wine fluids principally in order to improve their appearance, and get rid of unwanted particles that blur the fluid. Asbestos loose-filtering beds allow as much clear wine to pass…

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What you did not know about ASBESTOS?

Got questions about asbestos? Dont know much about it at all? Never even heard of it? Have you found it at your home, office or workplace? Gain knowledge of health risks, whereabouts and what precautions to take at this site, by using our published resources that include: Health hazards Health risk evaluation Areas of exposure Lists of asbestos-containing-materials and contamination sources Latest global news Laws, bans  and regulations around the…

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