Asbestos in Sky Lanterns

The main issue to look out for when purchasing a sky lantern is that there can be asbestos in sky lanterns.
What are asbestos-containing products doing in retail stores you might ask? Well, an asbestos-contaning sky lantern on the shelf has most likely been imported from Asia, and slipped through into domestic markets. Also, asbestos in sky lanterns, cannot be detected by the standard EN71 tests because specific tests must be performed in order to find if a product has asbestos in it. Specific asbestos tests are only perfomed when there is an alert, or if the product is a usual suspect. Thus, you cannot easily tell if a sky lantern contains asbestos. So if you are retailing or buying sky lanterns from stores or web shops, you should require guarantees from your supplier that the sky lanterns you are aquiring do not contain asbestos. Make sure to ask if there can be asbestos in sky lanterns.

Here are excerpts from the European Commissions “Rapid Alert System for dangerous non-food products” register (RAPEX), that give you a list of asbestos-containing sky lanterns that made its way into EU retail stores. The products in this list were sold in multiple countries all over europe before being recalled, so it is clear that a number of those items are now in peoples homes or lying as debris where it landed once it could no longer be airbourne.
This list cannot be considdered complete, those are only the ones that got “caught”. Do also note that it only list sky lanterns recalled in Europe. Those products and other unknown brands are most likely found all over the world.

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“Rapid Alert System for dangerous non-food products” (RAPEX)
European Commission

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