Asbestos in motorcycles

As with other vehicles, you can also find asbestos in motorcycles.
asbestos in motorcycles

Asbestos is a unique mineral in that it was used in so many applications, that it could be found in nearly any industrial or commercial product. Among the many industries known for heavy asbestos use was the automotive industry. Asbestos was found in brake pads/shoes, gaskets, internal combustion components, and hundreds of other assorted automobile and motorcycle parts.

Asbestos possesses the unique ability to both insulate and prevent heat transfer, making it ideal for use in any number of automotive applications which are centered around the internal combustion engine and friction-based brakes.

In motorcycles, asbestos were used for:

Brake linings
asbestos in motorcycles brakes
Asbestos in motorcycles brake linings


Usually a caulking string type arrangement to seal the baffles to the silencer and the exhaust pipe to the silencer. Or as a wrap covering the exhaust pipes.

asbestos in motorcycles exhaust
Asbestos in exhaust pipe
asbestos in motorcycles exhaust pipe wrap
Asbestos exhaust pipe wrap


Asbestos can be present in some gaskets like headgasket and cylinder to exhaust.

asbestos in gaskets
Asbestos in gasket

Allthough banned in most western nations, asbestos can still be found in motorcycles and parts manufactured in Asia.
Recently Austrailan customs officials in Adelaide intercepted and destroyed a shipment of motorcycles containing asbestos. 
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Mechanics admit they do not expect to find asbestos in motorbikes and therefore do not undertake precautionary measures, but they fear cheap imported parts could be putting them at risk.

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