Asbestos in carpets

Allthough not widespread, you might find asbestos in carpets.
Asbestos fibers could lurk in the carpet underlay, in the carpet adhesive/glue or naturally stuck in the woven fabric along with regular dust.

asbestos in carpets

Asbestos in carpet underlay

Although carpets don’t contain asbestos normally, it may at times contain asbestos. It has been found that some fibrous backing of certain kinds of carpets contain asbestos. Because of this, it’s not a good practice to assume carpets don’t contain asbestos and skip the sampling of carpets material.
Asbestos-contaminated carpet padding has been widely reported in Australia, creating a public stir.

There is a slight possibility that some older hair felt-style underlay manufactured and installed prior to the early 1970s may have incorporated material sourced from hessian bags that were used to transport raw asbestos, including blue asbestos, from mine sites to processing plants. [source]

Owners concerned about possible asbestos in their fiber-based carpet underlay should contact an accredited asbestos testing laboratory.

asbestos in carpets
asbestos in carpet underlay (from hessian bags once used to transport asbestos)

absestos in carpets
asbestos carpet underlay (hessian contamined with asbestos)

Asbestos in carpet glue

Often, mastic, or glue as it is refered to sometimes, may contain asbestos even though the carpets themselves are negative for asbestos. There are two kinds of mastic associated with carpets, the brown mastic and the black asphaltic mastic. Generally, the black asphaltic mastic are more likely to contain asbestos than its brown counterparts.

asbestos in carpets
asbestos in carpets mastic (glue)

Asbestos naturally stuck in carpet fabric

Because of its fibrous nature, carpets are good reserviors for asbestos, and a continuing source of releasing asbestos into the air once it’s trapped in it. There has been study done that shows available cleaning methods for fabric items that were significantly impacted by asbestos dust or debris may not be sufficient to address the health risk associated. Using vacuum cleaners that lack sufficient particle filters (hepa 13+) on carpets having lots of dust particles stuck in it (including asbestos), will result in asbestos fibers getting airbourne, which pose a health risk.

asbestos in carpets
fibers and dust found in carpet fabric
asbestos in carpets
asbestos in carpet dust

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