Asbestos in bricks

Asbestos in bricks were used to strengthen and provide resistance to heat.

Bricks are one of the primary building blocks of the construction industry. They serve several different purposes, but they must all be strong, tough and durable. One type of brick must also have another attribute – the ability to hold up under intense heat and not only be able to survive a fire but to also help to stop the flames from spreading.

asbestos in bricks, asbestos brick, asbestos fire brick
asbestos in bricks inside old oven
asbestos in bricks fire-brick-oven
furnace walls with asbestos fire bricks
asbestos in bricks fire-bricks
asbestos fire bricks up close

Some bricks have different ratings depending on the type of environment they will be used in. Primarily they are used for chimneys or to line heat producing equipment such as boilers and furnaces, stoves or fireplaces. The bricks help to contain the fire and will also provide protection in the event of an explosion. In order to be able to do all of this, these bricks must be made out of specific heat resistant materials. All throughout the early 1900’s, asbestos was the top choice for fire brick manufacturers in America and was prevalent at many asbestos jobsites. It is a mineral that possesses a natural ability to hold together even in the highest temperatures. Bricks that contained asbestos were considered to be the strongest, safest and most fire resistant commodities available. No wonder choosing to use asbestos in bricks.

Fake or faux bricks contains asbestos

Asbestos in faux bricks (asbestos in fake bricks) can be present in faux brick wall cladding. I was very popular in the 70’s. Besides asbestos in bricks themsleves, the lining was often asbestos cement sheet.

asbestos in bricks faux-bricks

asbestos in bricks fake-bricks

Brick mortar and fillers

Also, virtually all mortar and masonry fill found used for brick and cinder block buildings constructed prior to the mid-1980s contains asbestos. Adding asbestos to mortar mix increased its tensile strength tremendously.

asbestosin bricks mortar


Asbestos in bricks and block mortar, masonry fill and bonding cement can be very dangerous when disturbed. This often occurs due to:

  • Typical corrosion
  • Renovations
  • Additions to homes or buildings
  • Maintenance of buildings
  • Pressure cleaning
  • Weather
  • Demolition

  • The disturbance of the asbestos-tainted products can generate dust containing tiny asbestos fibers which enter the air. Individuals nearby may then inhale or ingest the toxic fibers. If the tiny asbestos fibers are inhaled or ingested, they can become lodged inside the body. Once there, the fibers can cause irritation and inflammation, which, over time, may cause serious health conditions to develop.

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