Asbestos batteries

Asbestos batteries was widely produced in the western world, and are still produced in some nations.

asbestos batteries, asbestos battery, asbestos car batteryRaw asbestos was widely used as thermal insulation inside the battery casings, while it was also used as an ingredient in the manufacturing of the battery casings themselves. A man who died from mesothelioma, an asbestos-related cancer, was employed at a car battery production plant. Before his death, he confirmed blue asbestos being used in the manufacturing of the car battery casings and that he was exposed to deadly asbestos dust that came off during the manufacturing process.

Asbestos is known to have been used in a number of battery types and sizes, and was used in battery production all around the world. Allthough asbestos is banned in most western nations, batteries produced in Asia might still contain asbestos. Car batteries imported from China might contain asbestos, thus exposing western consumers to asbestos unknowingly.

Any person involved in manufacturing of batteries with asbestos are at risk of exposure, as are consumers and mechanincs who do battery repair work as they disturb the casings and sometimes damage them in the process of repair.

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